Take a girl who writes

Date a girl who reads
and she will tell you about life
as she paints a canvas of your mind

But be with a girl who writes
and she will taste your body, mind and soul
taking you into her skin – Continue reading “Take a girl who writes”


Warrior of love

His heart speaks the light of the world
and within him he carries the dark
his eyes are dripping with the storms of his past
and oh, they shine so bright
he walks through the fire with no fearful stride
he is strong like whiskey on ice
he comes to me, sees through me
fearless, sacrificial, supreme
his fire is rising above
unforgiving, he is the sun incarnate
yes, he is a warrior of love

Do you know how to make good coffee?

Do you know how to make good coffee?
because I dream of our mornings and the morning sun on our skins
I have not one sane bone in my body and I wish to feel you to the end of love
because shortly I will be gone
and I need to stay wide awake while this miracle of us unfolds
because I love you silently and you know, and I cannot let this go
so tell me,
Do you know how to make good coffee?


Looking at you as you touch my body
I can not believe your beauty
yours is the key that plays me, opens me
you deal me LSD, this electricity
your touch on my skin has my lips part
I am only yours, you are the sculptor
I am your art


His body was bare, warm over me
and the sky was breaking above us
his lips were on my neck
and the heavens were roaring, violet, filled with storm
a dusky sky, aglow, rolled over
we kissed amidst the thunder cracks
and the wind was blowing
we kissed, exposed beneath the lights above
and then the rain was falling