Take a leap for love, before it’s too late

What is happening to us?
where did we leave our purity,
our sheer joy for being alive,
our presence?

In the gutter
we are forgetting our humanity, our reverence for the simplest things
to be grateful for a cup of steaming coffee served with a smile,
for eyes gleaming with kindness for no reason at all,
for the sheer luck of being here to experience all this Continue reading “Take a leap for love, before it’s too late”


Meditation on Belonging

And if I am a body
I am a vessel
through which the all flows
my base
is in the blessed earth
my home
is everywhere
if I stand
it’s in my wholeness
the Universe holds me
if I lie down
I sink
in the sheer humanity in me
my inner wolves
and my divine within
the earth holds me
but I know
I am one with all
the earth sustains me
and I grow towards the night sky
like a fire
but I am not the flame
I am the space sustaining it
I am the space where the primal fear
meets the divine mind
I am everything
I am

Why do you run

Why do you run
I ask
why can’t you open
why do you drink and numb yourself
why do you smoke marijuana ceaselessly
why do you fall in lust and then forget
you’re so scared
why don’t you love me as though
I were your personal storm
make me into whatever you want and need
I’ll be the canvas to lay your soul onto
I’ll be the one to receive you
but only if your intentions are true
if you look into my eyes while I make love to you
if you kiss me tiredly and desperately
a desperation with the trace of letting to
fucking your spirit clean
you will not use me
I’ll be your rock and ocean as you
immerse yourself inside me until you break
then I’ll help you pull your pieces together
from the tired bed sheets
I’ll make the space where you can
become a man who will love me like the moon does
tirelessly and assuredly
a man who can be alone with his mind
with blood and body clean,
who doesn’t need whiskey and green to come to me
and ask for my body and my love
and then
I’ll give it to you unwaveringly

All I am

Here is what I have . . .

glowing eyes
through which my soul shows,
deep like the night sky…
open arms
small breasts
some rhymes
loving thighs
promises, promises
that will always come true,
a soul
that I have dug into, deeply…
lips sweet like honey
sometimes bitter
soft belly
dark riddles
no varnished edges
pure touch
raw insanity
husky voice
no fear of depths
blissful idealism
moving soul
seeing eyes
an untamed heart


so, so much love.