Believe in reflecting



For love’s sake

In everything that you do
all the people that you meet
the lovers who see you to the ends of your being
who sing your heart in their prayers
the man you thought was too godly to be true
and the woman descended from your deepest dreams
those weaved from the same fiery stars as you
they will let you down, all of them
because we are only human, all of us Continue reading “For love’s sake”

Being real – a poem for club nights

It’s not in the clothes you wear
and it’s not in how you adorn the body you are in
it’s in how you carry yourself
in how you look around you as your eyes scan the dimly lit room
and in the fragrance you give off Continue reading “Being real – a poem for club nights”

For the sake of real living

Take my hand
you, the living soul in you
and walk with me, until we see the end
of the world they have created, and undo Continue reading “For the sake of real living”

We’ll see our hearts align

Come in
And leave your ego at the door
Strip off your exoskeleton
Drop it to the floor

We will find a deeper truth
Exposed beneath the blinding
Lights of the within Continue reading “We’ll see our hearts align”

A lesson and a promise

‘I can teach you many things’
‘Like what?’
‘How to love’

Oh, only you could
with your heart made of gold
and rippling sun rays
only you could utter such a heavenly
string of words
and like your being, it ended in
the greatest one –
love Continue reading “A lesson and a promise”

You are here to see

If you are fearful
do not come near me
for I have nothing to offer you
I am not here to comfort your wounded ego
or lick the blood dripping from your past
I am not an impact pillow Continue reading “You are here to see”

Fall in love with someone

Fall in love with someone insane and otherworldly
but who will make you feel safe and received in all your beauty
fall in love with someone who will say yes to the senseless things you want to do
at 3am, or on a stormy day when the skies are heavy Continue reading “Fall in love with someone”

Understand me

I live in another world
where the cosmos shines and scintillates above my head
night and day
where the light of the sun and the shimmer of the moon
spill over reality and give everything life
to dance ecstatically and stand blissfully still Continue reading “Understand me”

My life

I don’t want them to say
that I was pretty or funny
smart and well spoken
even beautiful
I want them to say
“Hell, that girl lived
well, almost on the verge of madness
she was a fool, to be fair
but damn, she did taste life
and she knew how
to make love to the world
and she’s got a thing or two to teach us”

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