For the sake of real living

Take my hand
you, the living soul in you
and walk with me, until we see the end
of the world they have created, and undo Continue reading “For the sake of real living”


I hope you love

Today I hope you celebrate the miracle of life. I hope you look around you and see God in everything. I hope you see the light flooding us from the skies, and the light we shine upon each other from our beating hearts. Continue reading “I hope you love”


Sing as though the birds have invited you to lead their chant,
Dance as though the earth wants to tremble beneath your feet,
Write as though the mystery chose you to be its breath,
Breathe as though the lively fire of the world is fueled by you,
Think as though your thoughts create the universe
Because they do,
Birthe beauty as though you were born for it
Because you were,
Love as though the soul of the world depends on it
As though love is easy
Because it does,
Because it is.

A love letter to the world

Inside me I can feel
the ocean waves crashing on the beach,
cold and fresh and so wild
my heart is there, immersed in the gentle embrace of the salt water, the sand and the sun
the sun is so loving, it feels like new life
innocence reborn, promises, promises
of love and the warm light
is like the touch of god on my skin,
so much love in such a simple thing
so much love and bliss. Continue reading “A love letter to the world”