Believe in reflecting


Love letters to you

For the sake of real living

Take my hand
you, the living soul in you
and walk with me, until we see the end
of the world they have created, and undo Continue reading “For the sake of real living”

I hope you love

Today I hope you celebrate the miracle of life. I hope you look around you and see God in everything. I hope you see the light flooding us from the skies, and the light we shine upon each other from our beating hearts. Continue reading “I hope you love”

You are here to see

If you are fearful
do not come near me
for I have nothing to offer you
I am not here to comfort your wounded ego
or lick the blood dripping from your past
I am not an impact pillow Continue reading “You are here to see”

To the women who break free

Woman, do not listen to what society has to say to you
you be your fiery free self
free to roam the world and taste
a sea of different flavoured bodies
the ease with which you give yourself away
does not define your worth Continue reading “To the women who break free”

Until we shine

This is a poem where I talk to you
so listen

You do not need to get there
you do not need to become
there is nothing to attain
you are so perfect, now
you, as you are
down to the marrow of your bones
to the splendour of your open eyes
they shine, they do Continue reading “Until we shine”

How much can you let go of?

How much can you let go of?

Tell me, how deep can you dive?

How much truth is in your every movement?

Do your eyes speak of passion? Do they tell a story of lust, or joy? Continue reading “How much can you let go of?”


You are afraid
that love will break you
you’ve got to learn
how to let go
of chains and armours
gates and bridges
until you see
you are all soul
and you and me,
we’re made to love
till we break free Continue reading “Be”

Let us make love here

Today I felt soft and lost
the rain outside was falling heavy on my heart
I tried to figure it out, why am I such a sucker
why is it love that I live for
I always say how all that matters Continue reading “Let us make love here”

Ravaged tenderly

Ravaged tenderly,
Shot into the night sky
Beneath blankets,
Opening our mind’s eye
Seeing through the veils
The truth we’ve been looking for,
In this tangled world, in silence
We find something to adore Continue reading “Ravaged tenderly”

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