Believe in reflecting



A lesson and a promise

‘I can teach you many things’
‘Like what?’
‘How to love’

Oh, only you could
with your heart made of gold
and rippling sun rays
only you could utter such a heavenly
string of words
and like your being, it ended in
the greatest one –
love Continue reading “A lesson and a promise”

I hope you love

Today I hope you celebrate the miracle of life. I hope you look around you and see God in everything. I hope you see the light flooding us from the skies, and the light we shine upon each other from our beating hearts. Continue reading “I hope you love”

Fall in love with someone

Fall in love with someone insane and otherworldly
but who will make you feel safe and received in all your beauty
fall in love with someone who will say yes to the senseless things you want to do
at 3am, or on a stormy day when the skies are heavy Continue reading “Fall in love with someone”

Adore you

I wish to erase the memories
of all the ones that came before you
yes, every human being is special
and we are all equal
but now I call this for what it is
because you rise above them all Continue reading “Adore you”

Take a girl who writes

Date a girl who reads
and she will tell you about life
as she paints a canvas of your mind

But be with a girl who writes
and she will taste your body, mind and soul
taking you into her skin – Continue reading “Take a girl who writes”

Warrior of love

His heart speaks the light of the world
and within him he carries the dark
his eyes are dripping with the storms of his past
and oh, they shine so bright
he walks through the fire with no fearful stride
he is strong like whiskey on ice
he comes to me, sees through me
fearless, sacrificial, supreme
his fire is rising above
unforgiving, he is the sun incarnate
yes, he is a warrior of love


I wish to throw myself
in the arms of the sea
to feel the echo
of his hands on me

A man walked into my life

A man walked into my life
no, he did not stumble, he walked right in
he has seen the light in me
put his heart in my hands
spoke my soul in perfect words
he chose this love, this fire within
a fire without the air to burn
and he did not hold back Continue reading “A man walked into my life”


Looking at you as you touch my body
I can not believe your beauty
yours is the key that plays me, opens me
you deal me LSD, this electricity
your touch on my skin has my lips part
I am only yours, you are the sculptor
I am your art

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