In everything that you do
all the people that you meet
the lovers who see you to the ends of your being
who sing your heart in their prayers
the man you thought was too godly to be true
and the woman descended from your deepest dreams
those weaved from the same fiery stars as you
they will let you down, all of them
because we are only human, all of us
untangling the webs of life
and we will let them down, too
in our journey of creating
and putting ourselves first
which is what we always should do
because we can not meet another
unless we meet our selves first
yes, you can never fully trust another
because the ones worth trusting
will be faithful to themselves before you
but do not blame and do not shame
choose to trust love
trust love first
when you are overflowing with the intensity of living,
trust love
when your inner tides swell and storm,
trust rage and trust love
and when your heart breaks open,
trust love
and it will show you the way

For love’s sake,
give the yearning at the heart of your heart
space to unravel
and your full devotion
devote yourself first not to another
but to the sacred light of the divine within
to the immovable truth at the core of your being
that speaks the story of your longings
and of your eternal belonging
in the arms of the love that waits for you
to break through your hard shells
it whispers
’it is time now to come back to life’
time to surrender
to the full splendour
of a life well lived
with your heart at the lead
do all of this for love’s sake
and you will trust the goodness in every human heart
like you trust the salt in the sea
never doubting that it is there
do all of this for love’s sake
feel your heart unfold and feel the souls you touch
bloom in your wake