It’s not in the clothes you wear
and it’s not in how you adorn the body you are in
it’s in how you carry yourself
in how you look around you as your eyes scan the dimly lit room
and in the fragrance you give off
it is not the Armani
it is the vibes you ripple in the air
it’s in the way you let your soul show in your movements
the way you wait for a drink at the bar, alone
while your friends are waiting
and how you listen to the loudness
it’s in the nature of your smile
if it’s fake or true and knowing
it’s not in the shade of the lipstick
whether it lusciously shines or it’s impenetrable as coal
it’s in the tongue beyond the lips
in the intention of your kiss
it’s not in the tightness of your skirt
or the splendour of your necklace
it’s in the power in your hips
and the secret that moons beneath your skin
deep, deep down within

Instead of trying, doing and pretending more
maybe you should be more
because none of it is not in what you do
it is all in what you are