you own nothing. your memories, your identity, your actions, your past – you are nothing. nothing you posses lasts… but in truth, you never have anything but this immediate moment, right here – the now. the future, your dreams and your fears might never come to pass. your happiness, your love – they don’t last forever, they might be gone tomorrow, they might go today. hell, you might be hit by a car on your way to work, or to a coffee with friends. so your supreme obligation is to the present moment, for it is the source of all life, of all joy and love and unity. the one you love might not be next to you in the future, your relationship might die just like a withering flower, and all your projections for the future will be gone. what will you do then? what if the one you love chooses not to be with you anymore? should you not live this moment as though it were the last thing you have here on earth?

you own nothing, and you are nothing than that which you see and feel and do now,
right here
right now
so open your heart and set your mind free and

be here, now