A lesson and a promise

‘I can teach you many things’
‘Like what?’
‘How to love’

Oh, only you could
with your heart made of gold
and rippling sun rays
only you could utter such a heavenly
string of words
and like your being, it ended in
the greatest one –

I am here
remembering how well you loved me
you —
my blessing and my curse
for now I will never settle for anything less
than the kind of enduring safety
the fold of your arms allowed
the immutable definition of
the promise of a man well endowed
with all that it takes and means to be
memorable, original, refined
only to a man like you I could belong

This is my promise
if or when I am to see you again —
you may call me yours, and I have no doubt
I shall not grasp for freedom
because now I know it’s all about
having your arms right where I need ’em

“I already know how to love”
foolish girl, I did not know
but now I can tell
your true love fired higher than the sun above
you taught me, and you taught me well
dreaming of you, I immeasurably feel
that everything you did –
all the other ones will fail
So I am inescapably taken,
I am waiting —
recover me
from under your spell


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