You are here to see

If you are fearful
do not come near me
for I have nothing to offer you
I am not here to comfort your wounded ego
or lick the blood dripping from your past
I am not an impact pillow
go somewhere else if you wish to count the petals of your illusions
I don’t care how carefully you have built them around you
or how fragile you are
if you are a human soul you are big enough to face the light
so save your words to waste another time
I am here to help you recover your sight
this is not to say I’ll preach, words are not my weapon
the whole world shall be enough for me to pinch your mind
or maybe your third eye
so lay down all your guards

just watch me live and feel the quality of my vibrations
be near me and taste the succulence of my emotions
come before me broken and I will point you to the light
point you to yourself, and that is all my might
and if the words I sing are splendid golden feathers
may they remind you courtly of the nature of your tethers
I am here to show you the splendour of what might be
so lay down your ego, unlearn
watch tenderly and see


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