I live in another world
where the cosmos shines and scintillates above my head
night and day
where the light of the sun and the shimmer of the moon
spill over reality and give everything life
to dance ecstatically and stand blissfully still
in this world of mine, the sound of silence is my cosmic music
the eyes of another are gateways to the divine within
an embrace embellishes my heart in warm waves of understanding
I leap into a universe in human form
and I love so hard, so fearlessly
when I speak, I listen, I touch and I perceive
a flood of divine emotions takes me by the soul
and leads me on the verge of what they call
the edge where an ordinary world becomes real heaven
where consciousness contours a mystic experience
and consciousness is unbounded white fire
unfenced and unleashed
and this is when I feel this body of mine
has no room to hold me
the cosmic dimension pulls me
and I long to go, expand and burn wide
but here I am, in my earthy shell
I spill through these pure hazel eyes
all of me, for existence to take me
and I live and love in the verge between two worlds
reality is a dance of shifting reflections dancing unfurled