I wish to erase the memories
of all the ones that came before you
yes, every human being is special
and we are all equal
but now I call this for what it is
because you rise above them all
when the first brick falls from the pedestal that I raised you on
you will be the first to know
but I warn you, you might wait forever
to hear me do anything less than
adore you
for you are not perfect
so very far from it
but your light shines through every single thing you do
the man with the gaze of a warrior
and the smile of an angel
who will not let me swim in the shallows
but will usher me in to the sacred depths of being
you are a fearless lion of a man
and the truth of your spirit drags me open
I long to surrender before you
give you everything
I am and ever will be
because you deserve it all