I must be made of moonbeams
I sit before the almost full moon and I ask her to lend me her grace
I wish the days were as peaceful as the nights
wish the sun wasn’t so unforgiving
the moon knows better what the human soul is made of
she can pour her silver light in the cracks of your soul
where you forgot to pour your love
the quiet moon remembers
she waits there in the sky and understands the longing for silence
and she brings just that
deepest silence, soothing light, an undeniable pull
coming from the peaceful darkness, she shines that light
onto all of our suffering, loving and living
this is what divine balm feels like
she is the one true angel
always comes back beautiful, she loves herself full
go out into the night and see her
as you would see into the depths of your true lover
she’s got a secret to teach you
softly, achingly
go out into the night
and see her
she will kiss your heart full