Seeking pleasure – seeing delusion

Pleasure is like the moon. It lights our life’s sky, it casts a glow on our days. We are all on the run to get it. But it has its dark side – suffering, frustration, numbing and ultimately, fear. Fear is what keeps our lives on a dead track. It stops us from evolving. And we spend our lives running from it.

The serious thing is: our lives revolve around pleasure. But we live blindly, following instructions from without, conditioned by our very human condition… And a blind life is no life at all.

So seek pleasure if you will, but know that you are also seeking suffering. But see pleasure for the ephemeral sensation it is, accept its delusion and transcend it.

Awaken, and see.

There can be an end to the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

And the time will come, when we will open our eyes to the art of living in the present moment, the only moment we ever have, pulsating with the vibration of the Universe alive. We will find the art of joy and the gift of love. Because love… is a gift, and only the ones with an open heart will ever truly taste it.

And love blooms only in the eternal now.

Live in the past or dream of the future, and you will miss it – forever.

Because forever is composed of nows.


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