Burning clear

I do not want another man who will come for the night
but not stay for the morning,
rushing to escape the undeniable pull
of all that I am

I will only take a man who will assuredly
take me into his arms and
consciously kiss all of my shadows,
every single wondrous part of my being
who will make love to me
madly, completely
as our togetherness lights up
every crevasse and every throbbing spot
we may have never known we had

I will wait for the one with the truth in his eyes
who will hush
and hold me in his gaze as he
makes my heart swell with a yearning
unfalteringly run his fingers on my skin
and his lips on my body
dousing all the fears I’ve ever had –
his presence will be love
knowing that
only love changes all things

I will live and spread my light until the man comes
who will make my heart drip with longing
for the soul I’d been looking for
one as fiery and passionate
as my own,
a man with his fire burning bright
and a devastating presence
who will be aching
to meet me in the space where passion
becomes loving
becomes eternity

I will love myself fiercely until the man comes
who will not be afraid
to light my soul on fire


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