You came into my life, easy and careless
Gave me something raw to fall for,
And when you left
I painted you in metaphors,
I painted a canvas of love
Then when I saw you again
You etched the metaphors in my body
Your kisses animated my longings
Proved me love was true,
Your touches burned my dreams into tangible achings,
Tarnished memories became vivid motions in my heart
Sharp arrows piercing my softness
And a strong yielding controlled
All of my senses.

This canvas I painted now lives deep within me
Permanent fortress, built kiss by kiss
Tongue by tongue
Touch by touch,
Turns me into a fervent story
Dying to be told,
Heave out all my beams on you, to see
The kind of castle you built in me.


I’ve yet to write lines
About you and the things you do
Not grounded in deep love,
Natural and light.
Being around you is like
Floating on the surface
Of a sweet unknown,
Surfing the saltwaters of the soul
Waiting to dive in,
An aching waiting
In your touch, your kiss,
Your loving kiss.
Being around you is like
Fire and ice mixed together,
Abandon, deep and full,
Twined with child’s play, delightful.
Now I know the truest beauty
Is in the simple being-
In the warmth of your body,
In the colour of your eyes
I found a deep blue sky.
Bright like a dying star,
Light like ocean weather,
You, that is what you are.


I love you like honey dripping from the horizon,
I love you like honest naked salty skin,
I love you like a summer breeze, heaven sent.


And if I never see you again,
know that I loved you
from that first look
when your eyes were
seeing through me,
in a warm lively tavern
filled with happy people,
when in the cold evening
I felt the electric summer sky
trying to touch my heart
with tenderness
and rip my words
out of my mouth.
Know that I loved you
before I ever knew it,
when on that night
when it was all done
you were in my bed,
and I made you go,
at midnight
when maybe you would have liked to
and discover the underneaths of my skin,
your piercing warmth reaching out,
probing the depths of my eyes.
Know that I loved you
on that November night,
when you
parted the darkness for my hand,
wanting to discover my open palm
and shelter your hand there,
creating a connection
between your heart and mine
and it felt like true love,
at the wrong time.
Know that I loved you
when your sad song was making its way
to my heart,
said you were trembling
in my presence,
and the song didn’t sound right,
and I had to kiss your childishness,
that I loved you
when all my senses
went askew
reaching to the soul beyond the touch,
when my body gave yours permission to
cut me open
infusing me with unspoken love
and impending heartbreak.
Know that I loved you
in the midst of fall
and winter,
in the soul of the night
when I felt safe
in-between your warm arm and your beating heart,
when your soft lips were a devoted fortress
claiming the back of my neck,
and know that I loved you
when I felt the sense of your leaving
down to my bones,
shattered by the knowing
of what could have been and never will,
a flower that would never bloom.
And even if I don’t come knocking on your door
before you go,
with a bursting heart and open arms,
asking you to listen
while I pour my untold ocean on you,
saying to you that I saw deep through
and let myself
fall in,
and even if it was withheld
when it should have been said,
know that I love you.