Sex and exit

What they do is
they chase you and drip honey on your lips
with their words doused in tenderness
they wrap their strong arms around your torso
encompassing your soft breasts and the heart burning beneath
they use their arms to hold you
against their hot skin
like a personal warm sun,
not knowing that women like us
don’t fuck without heart
a whole lot of it

They want to have a taste of that juicy zest for life
douse their being in your wilderness
they want to
taste you sweet
and know they had a moon bathing their bedsheets
until the sweltering abyss opens
before them
and they go ‘Oh, shit’
gasping for the easiest exit

They take you
but they won’t keep you
because it takes depth to do so
and most of them float in the shallows
you are a forest fire
and an ocean storm
not made to squeeze inside urban hearts


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