This is a poem where I talk to you
so listen

You do not need to get there
you do not need to become
there is nothing to attain
you are so perfect, now
you, as you are
down to the marrow of your bones
to the splendour of your open eyes
they shine, they do
even as you fall and your heart weights heavy
but you carry yourself gracefully
and I love you
as the moon does, and the stars
and you have a fire
waiting to explode into an unfenced flame
but it needs space, it needs air to breathe
so let it,
and let go
you think you’re incomplete, waiting
what are you waiting for?
you won’t find it
the soul is not in a rush, it doesn’t know
it only knows now
isn’t it all an illusion?

So now I am here on this cliff
I have traversed the wild and the darkness
descended into the muddy swamps of my soul
and I don’t know everything
but I know a song
and I invite you
with all the red blood in my body and all the light in my soul –
come here, in all your truth
soaked in the fires of everyday life
and dripping with the thickness of your past
we all have it
so I invite you to tell me
where are all the barriers you have built
that keep you from being so fully who you are
you are beautiful
but your steps are faltering
you’re teetering on the edge
now, you see, I don’t have perfection to offer you
but I have something better
I have life, longing to ripen
I have a prayer sung from the depths of my heart
and a ferociousness that is taking in
everything, everything
so completely
and so I am now here to tell you
of the utter wonder of what you are
and your anger, your hopelessness, your lust
it’s so human and it’s so beautiful, there is nothing wrong in it –
but you need to find your center
and as you go deeper, you go higher
you’ve got to break your heart open –
I ask you
to jump off the edge of reason
into the abyss of love
because this moment is all you ever have
right now
I know you have an aching desire for more
drenching your soul like the tangerine sunset drenches the waves of the sea
that sweetness you dream of can descend into you
it hovers, waiting for you to break
and shatter in the radiance of your vulnerability
and if you’re willing to take that risk,
come and taste the juicy fulness of life
dirty with wildness and seasoned sweet with the flavour of dreams we may never give up
let’s run like mad wolves, laugh crazily
and feel our truth with our whole beings
as we honour the fire in our souls

Now, I have sung you my song
so I invite you to just be,
to go slowly
and it will feel
more real
than it ever has before