Wild Heart

My true lovers are the moon
and the swollen waves of the sea
for they will never go
will never try to douse my flame

I came here to cut off my chains
and descend into my true nature,
to feed the wolf
and honour the goddess,
to shine my moonlight like a steady lover
I seek to fill my hungry marrow
with the juice of sweet life, lived to the fullest,
bleeding with intention –
in the shadows of my movements lie Dionysus and Aphrodite,
in the tidal waves of my mind live those
who touched the juicy flesh of life and bled
on paper, veins expulsing the full essence
of a life well lived,
and their words infuse my poetry
with the sweltering certainty that to break one’s heart open
is the only way to go,
to bleed from the ribs and from the lips
from the furrows of the very heart,
to claw at the night sky reaching for the specks of light,
diving upwards into the voluptuous abyss –
that feral energy
throws me into the deeper currents of the soul
sweltering the shells, the social masks, the pointless actions
as I break my ribs and follow
the rich galloping of the heart,
its wisdom veins my eyes with golden sunlight
and a thirst so deep, demanding that I feed my being
with love, willfully, fervently –
I ride unafraid, grounded in my depths
drunken with the sun-drenched air of the night
take my soul for a run and make love to the sky
dirty with passion, splendid with the light of joy,
mad but magic
I am unravelling the riddles that were never there,
swollen by the tidal waves within
I am letting myself go

Fiercely sensitive, I choose to love
I fear nothing but security
I defy it, throw myself in the arms of the world
drenched in ripe words
and heavy with a wild heart.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Plectrumm says:

    Just as happiness is the absence of suffering…love is the absence of fear

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