The World I See

I don’t do complications
I don’t do unwritten social rules
and I don’t understand social norms and expectations
I don’t do respect when it’s not earned
and I don’t do controlling behaviour
I do irreverence when it’s called for, when I’m provoked
and sometimes my ego is the size of Jupiter
I don’t hold back when my privileges are trampled
I’ve been told I’m in a world of my own
and that’s true, I’d rather live in here
than live in your society, playing your games
that make no sense to the intelligence in me
I’ll be in my bubble and live in my illusion
saying that people should be let free
and kindness is all that matters
that we are all the same
I don’t care for your status, your age, your money
age is not the same as wisdom
I may not do your rules
But I do some other things

I do honesty spoken from the bottom of my heart
and I do conversations about whatever is on your mind
I do listening with open eyes and arms
and I do dreaming of a world where we are free
and respect means nothing but love for each other
where we honour the humanity in us
I may not know practical matters and I may be selfish,
but my heart holds more than you could understand
and I feel for people more than you’d ever know

So go on and tell me about all the wrongs in me
I have a foul mouth and rage to let out
I am disrespectful and selfish
but I know some things you don’t.


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