You should be prepared and know
that if you strike a fire in me
if you make my blood rush and my eyes want to linger
in the darkness or the morning light
if you trigger my desire for wildness
I will use you, to the fullest
to twine my words together, you will live in my verses
and help me unravel the currents in my ocean
it’s not because it’s love, but because it’s lust and depth
because the night is infinite, and if in the dark
I let everything you do touch me deep inside
I will make sense of it using words
your beauty will create metaphors
your eyes like blazing half moons in the blurry night, my intoxication
and I will let these memories impregnate me with their flavour
and taste the feeling of your existence
until I have taken everything I can from our togetherness
and that is the way I love my men
so you should know that if in the night, you make me mad
I will savour all of your traces on my skin
until I have taken you in,