The morning mist suspended above the river,
I remember standing there with eyes closed and heart overflowing
As your light penetrated my chest
Tejo, the obliviousness of the streaming sweet water and its defiance,
Flowing on and on, ignorant to the city that breathes and loves and sleeps by it
Relentless flow, whispering to the streets and ceramic tiles, to the people
Of freedom,
Of escape to the great ocean.

Rainbows woven in your old city walls, homes pushing against each other
Walls old and worn, parched in the summer’s sun
Cement and bricks and paint breathing out ancient air
Streets so narrow they could barely hold two lovers embracing, walking their paths
Magical luminosity flooding your
squares from above

And your land, your green lavish land drinking in the sun’s rays
And you gave me the ocean and the dizzying heights
Breathtaking views at the continent’s end
Sintra, the sound of poetry
You gave my soul another home,
Another place to dream of.

And in your heart-melting beauty,
Beneath the high soft sun
You wait as an intimate lover
Until the day I return.


3 Comments Add yours

    1. Stefania says:

      It’s got a soul of its own

      1. Plectrumm says:

        It truly does😎

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