Unreasonable things

I want to do things to you, I find no words to describe
the warmth unravelling inside me
I want to make you groan with hurting desire
I want your big strong hands grabbing
the softness of my ass, pulling me to you so powerfully
kissing you for hours was not enough to satisfy this
thirst, this is mad
I want you to press me against your body and touch me
like I’m yours, and there’s no place else I could possibly be
I want to show you how to love me, in your bed
I don’t know how to write this poem
all I know is if I had you standing here, before me
I would grab your hair violently and press my lips to yours
like it’s the last thing keeping me alive
I’d pull your hips against mine and I’d guide your hands
everywhere I want them
I’d let you know that I want you
with no justification at all, I just
want you against me
lips hair eyes voice hands oh, hands and
everything, everything
if I had you standing here I’d kiss you like I’ve never
kissed before,
I’d stain you with my otherworldly desire
I’m telling you, the thought of you
makes me pulse and makes my body swell
throbbing for you
against me,
something in you drives me to lust and write
unreasonable things.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jas says:

    Lovee this! Definitely know those feelings 😊

  2. Wow– Splendid as always, Stefania! Words capable of causing the mind to reel [ Like the warmth unraveling that you described], images to make the imagination gasp… Hope you are well!

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