Let us make love here

Today I felt soft and lost
the rain outside was falling heavy on my heart
I tried to figure it out, why am I such a sucker
why is it love that I live for
I always say how all that matters
is that sweet intimacy
the salty skin and kisses with the texture of rose petals
the desperation of wanting each-other so loudly
and yet so cautiously
like screaming off the rooftops with a held-back voice
for fear of blowing the world apart
but the world should be blown apart
by people like us
making love in the gutter
ascending to the moonlit skies
in whispers and grabbing hands and thirsty kisses
and heated bed sheets crumpled by unfaltering limbs
yes, we scream in resplendent tongues
our cries for love are muffled
and only we can understand the language
as we drink up each other’s tenderness
real love-making is this
fervent and wafting, wafting in abandon
clothes are by the bed, and so are tarnished everyday matters
all is left aside, as we’re
kindling and feeding the thirsts of our wilderness
all that I crave is this
because in this world there’s sickness and suffering and destruction
and if there is one thing I know how to do
it’s to make love like a devious tigress
standing in my power
as I leave behind me a mark of riotous joy
drinking paradise in and letting out deep love.



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