Some days, I crave transient love
amar y olvidar
but not today, today
I want to kiss someone like I mean it
not with lust or hurry
I want to kiss someone slowly and achingly
from the depths of my soul
I want my whole body to tremble and give in
run my fingers through his hair lightly
I want to kiss someone forever
hands touching like falling feathers
as if more pressure would break our bodies
I want a love where things are fragile
where before we undress in pure nakedness
kisses are eternities where our souls meet
while the bodies cling
I want the tip of my tongue
to carry the blood in my heart
red, lioness
and his, to feel it all
I want a lover who will not be afraid
to treat me like fire
with caution
and kiss me with all the truth of his being
beyond the shadows of mystery
touch me as if he knew all I was
and all I will ever be
I want a love made where
the hearts bleed inside our chests
for running our hands over our bodies
is not enough to come together
I want a love made
where the touch hurts with ecstasy
and souls meet
in the kiss on our lips
amar para vivir.