When you break and shatter,
Maybe it’s not instantaneous
Not like a crash of lightning.
Inside your heart feels,
Bleeding, raw
The brokenness sleeps
While you cover it with nights of
So called ‘love’ and
Broken promises and
Try to forget it and fool yourself
That you are not broken
That you do not need

They say love heals anything
Love is a word
I cannot think of
Love is deep and I know it,
But my depths are cruel
And raging,
My beauty is
Like a smooth veil, shining maybe
Giving away specks of bright light
From my eyes, still loving,
But underneath is lava
Fierce and wild and unrestrained,
A river of blood is alive underneath my skin,
Tumultuous –
I’ve got an aching heart,
A soul that needs mending.

And how do you love when you’re healing,
When your inner sun is
Collapsing in on itself,
Exploding in violent waves of heat-
This is all the life left in it,
Craving love and understanding and
A moment of silence
Deep, peaceful, lasting
The inner sun is the life within
Animus, moving
And in the silence it revives itself in full bloom.

And how do you love when you’re healing?
You sit with yourself
Take care of your heart,
You sit with yourself
Witness your heart,
And the soul heals itself,
And from the cracks that are
Pulling your being together,
The Love shines through
And you heal
Your brokeness.
And you find that
You were never truly broken.


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