Do not fall in love with her

Do not fall in love with her.
Because if you do, she will leave you breathless,
write poems, demolish your walls
and make you wish
you’d never met her.
She is crazy good and crazy bad, and
if you can’t take madness in love,
do not fall for her,
’cause you will wither out
and bring her down.
if you are not willing to
collide and burn,
if intensity scares you
and you don’t know how to swim,
if delusion makes you want to
take your heart and run
do not look at her-
if you can’t stand irreverence,
if you want your illusions kissed
and if you don’t want to know lucidity
to the point of breaking open,
leave her alone.
even if she feels too much,
do not take from her love and laughter
unless you intend to show her devotion
and let her move you
until your life is changed.


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