And I live too much, too much
I see oceans where there are lagoons, waterfalls where there are streams
And I love so much
I make cracks in the sky and I make birds cry,
In the depth of my senses lie the abyss of pain and the ecstasy of love,
The complete perception of life down to its smallest significance.
Scars become canyons, tears become rivers of healing.
In simple tenderness I feel torrents of untold love, so I dive in
And I don’t believe in defenses,
I have within a seed of insanity
Coercing me to fall deep and ride high –
It’s willful, a mark of rebellion
Foolish fearlessness, sheer madness that prevails
Makes me believe in the truth of a kiss,
In the truth in a lovers’ embrace
In the danger of not feeling everything to the bottom of my very being.
I see canyons where there are shallow scars
And I feel monsoons where there are summer rains,
But I also see eternity in a sunrise
And I hold the wide world in my open hands.
And if pain is the price I pay for my insanity,
I will gladly feel all of it, if the intensity means
That I lived from the wildest depths of my spirit,
That I let the world teach me with its piercing beams.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pelgris says:

    Oh my, yes. Absolutely worth it.

    1. Stefania says:

      Thank you for the beautiful words.

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