I’ve got an impulse, I’m errant for the adventure of your love
so come on and untether your mind from reverence
talk to me with the life in your veins

take off your clothes and hand me your gloves
I’m not looking for the common temperance
stain my lips with your raw words

I want you naked to the skin, soul, to the bone
no inhibitions
show your unstained nature
you’re made of burning coals inside
I know

what does it take for you to be my taker?
tell me the secrets of your fire

and etch into me the kiss of you
lilt yourself over to me,
I want to taste you

bodies filled with nascent passion
old strings and ties unfastened
as we love in milk and honey

yours is the design that makes me long
for all things more
I’ll sing this song
to the rarity
of your existence
to the miracle of our fused sentience


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  1. Very intense and a pleasure to read!

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