I collapse. And as the shallow pieces of me fall to the floor, like a withered shell, they disappear into the night air. They leave nothing but the silhouette of a woman, stripped bare of all defences and weighted with all the intensity of being alive. As I stand in front of you, in the shimmering candlelight, I come to the realisation that my whole life, I’d been waiting for this moment. For the true man in you, for the wild woman in me, for the coming together of us.

I look into your eyes, and I see the underworld of soul life. I see madness, the kind that would go well with mine. I see a lone wolf, a primitive man, at this moment quenching nothing of the animal desire in him. Nothing of the untamed longing. I see a god, a man who knows the size of his soul and the power of his mind. And all at the same time, I see only you, with your roots in the blessed earth and your eyes illuminated by a higher knowing, the knowing of who you are. Your beauty pierces through me like a poisoned arrow, leaving me to long for nothing less than complete abandon in your arms. My wildness, my fearlessness, my fire, my insanity, my devious fierce spirit, all of me longs to yield to your strong heat. I will forever remain untamed, but I want you to tame me. You know what I want, you always do. Have you descended from the heavens?

I look at you and I look to you, as you stretch out your hand, beckoning the burning soul in me. You want to dance on fire. I touch your hand and I come closer, closer, closer… your energy is dense, your gaze is intense, your presence is all I feel. Standing there, I feel at ease, and our lips are all but touching. I know that the minute I kiss you, you will change my life again. Change it every day, every night, lead me on the unwalked paths of the spirit, as we take down all that walls us off from where we belong. Let’s evolve together.

And then you kiss me. I can think of nothing, as my nerve endings create ecstasy in me, my body electrified as if the sun descended to fill me up, to the corners of my being. You make me into a revolution. All the metaphors I have die out on your lips, and I have nothing to compare you to. Your body is an unknown territory that I will claim, again and again. I will learn new words to speak your soul in. Our lips part, and I am an ocean of desire. Does anyone else know the wildness in you?

I don’t want normal with you. Let’s turn away from what the ordinary world gives us, and come with me into the underworld. The only way out is in now. I will show you mine, if you show me yours. I want an adventure into the world of the psyche, into the virgin woods no one dares to ender, into the heavens where our deepest longings live. I did not come here to stay the same, did you ? As we change the world together, let us change each other. Live with me through the beautiful and deadly, the mesmerising and the transcendent. Be on your own and come back to me restored. I will feed your fire as we come together.

So I lay down all my golden feathers, and I softly sink in the sheer humanity in me. As the candles illuminate the naked contours of my body, the smooth darkness is pierced by the flame in my eyes. And I rise to the highest peak of my being, pulsing with the deepest desire for new life.

For you. To be your friend and lover.