The largest piece of my heart I left
To a man who loved me truly
Beyond all shadow of a doubt,
To the bottom of his being
And the peak of his light,
From darkness and fire
To Heaven and brilliance.
And he made me love
From the depths of my oceans,
Beyond desire and reason,
From the cores of my flowers,
Spreading fragrance like the perfume of innocence and passion, together.
I was love like a child is,
And like an old soul,
I would have given my all.
It felt love like hot passion and like a tender embrace,
And I felt it, and I was it
Like a deep, vast void
Like the space of death and rebirth
Like the stillness and the moving light
Where consciousness and spirit lives.
Like the cycle of all life,
Like the promise of god,
Like the depths of the divine
Like the soul of him.
And I knew then that
Love is all there is,
And to know love like that is everything.

To love another soul in that way
The purest joy of all,
To see the sunlight and the moonshine in a lover’s eyes,
To hear the breath of god, sweetest from his lips.
To give yourself away and remain like radiance,
Pure energy, promise of devotion.
To have no other care in the world.
To have loved like that is everything.