I melt

Touch me like silk,
melt me like ice,
all the summer rain
give me that sweetness,
throbbing heart underneath thin pale skin
let me claim that riddle, I will
like mad and magic
dive in the river of your being
A love poem, this is an act of
love, maybe
plunging into your deep rich void.

You’ve always been a paradox
soft shimmering blue eyes and the voice of a little devil,
a little devil but oh, so sweet and childish
with a heart so loving
hair fair like waves of sunset light
and the touch of a God
like a gentle summer breeze.
Melt me like ice
touch me like silk
and kiss me into sweetly forgetting
layers upon layers of untruths,
cover me with your wilderness
kiss me until I believe you.

Two bodies together, that is not communion
but the clearest form of separation,
hurtful in all its ecstasy
limited for all its burning flame,
like a broken promise, bitter
but sweet and deep like redemption.
We long for the unattainable
we long to touch the stars, another’s soul
so I long to touch yours-
I want to learn you
I know it’s danger, you will leave
I know it’s hopeless, but
what is hope?
My hope is to love your darkness and light
before they are gone and I’m left with a dull aching heart,
like a broken promise.
And it’s gone.

I will think of you,
a lover discontent with longing.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Simply wonderful– Thanks for sharing this, Stefania!

    1. Stefania says:

      Thank you truly for the appreciation !

      1. You’re very welcome, take care!

  2. Such an amazing piece! I love the line, “Hair fair like waves of sunset light.” Beautifully vivid imagery and great wordplay.

    1. Stefania says:

      Thank you so much for the beautiful words.

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