I didn’t know you
But I felt you
I feel you, I still do
It doesn’t take knowing
To fall in love with someone’s grace
Inhaling you,
Sweet like newborn love
Your body,
Pulsing life into me
You were like the morning sun
No one ever touched me like that
You were like a gentle ocean wave
Imprinted on my skin
Addictive, like the summer beach
You gave yourself to me
You are what
My senses crave,
You are
What love making feels like.
And if you love all your women like that
You are a miracle,
Beautiful and rare and
Wild in your tender way.

And if it’s all in my head,
An illusion
It’s the sweetest one I feel,
Comforting me in the loneliness of the nights
When I wish your tender body
Was mine to hold,
Still mine.

You were like the morning sun,
Too sweet for the darkness of the night.