A love letter to the world

Inside me I can feel
the ocean waves crashing on the beach,
cold and fresh and so wild
my heart is there, immersed in the gentle embrace of the salt water, the sand and the sun
the sun is so loving, it feels like new life
innocence reborn, promises, promises
of love and the warm light
is like the touch of god on my skin,
so much love in such a simple thing
so much love and bliss.
and the air, in the winter
breathing life into my lungs, freezing but comforting.
the early mornings, sweetest hours
see the sun rise from the depths of the sea,
and hopeful.
the evening sun, just before twilight
casting golden lights on the blocks, on the windows,
on the souls.
and the birds, singing in spring like it’s heaven on earth
and all the gods are here,
and they are right
the gods are here, they are within
the gods are us, shining diamonds in the universe,
it takes pressure on the cores of our souls to know them,
for now we don’t know
but someday we will-
know the miracle in the high sun,
in the roaring ocean and the morning light,
in the bird’s song and the lover’s smile.
yes, we are made to love and kiss and smile
and howl in the moonlight, like wolves, knowing of our wild nature,
in tune
beneath the full moon, dancing and writing and bathing
making love to the heavens,
this is what we were made for.
our bodies know the seasons, the tides, the fullness of the night
and the lightness of day, the rhythms of the dance, the perfection of the storms.
we are here to
that heaven is with us
and it’s within us,
we are here to

bow to the divine within.


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