She wondered why

She wondered why
Any man would be fool enough
To refuse her beauty offered
On a silver plate.
Her sensuality, her burning heart,
They could be adored by any man, she thought.
She wondered why they were fools,
And they couldn’t open their eyes to the marvel they had before them.

She was ready to love so effortlessly,
To engulf a soul in her untamed flames.
She wanted someone to dance on fire with her.
She wanted a game of relentless passion
And honesty.
But honesty was the most important.
She wanted a man true enough
To openly admit his own desires, and not take her sweetness for granted.
A real man would seduce her out of her senses, but respect her vulnerability and femininity.
A man brave enough to treat her like a woman.
Yes, she wanted to dance on fire, with strong, warm arms protecting her body and melting her away.

But she couldn’t find what she was looking for.
All men were thieves of hearts, and took no responsibility for their words and actions.
They embraced her with warmth and gently kissed her forehead,
They whispered sweet words and gave sweeter glances.
And she knew exactly what she wanted, and she went to get it.

But when she revealed her inner desires,
They turned away and left.
She was too honest for her own good
She was too wide open for her own safety.
But she didn’t mind, she’d take every chance she got,
Hoping she would find what she needed.

She could take any defeat in the name of sensuality and freedom,
But she swore she wouldn’t offer herself again to a man who doesn’t appreciate her tenderness.
Even if she had to lose her hope many times,
And trash her ego,
Even if it took having every man running away from her.

Maybe she would be a little more protective of her soul.
She didn’t care much about her ego, she cared about her heart.
But she was so deeply rooted in herself, no man could bring her down for long.
She still had the fire burning, and she wouldn’t tame it.
The man she needed would someday come and play with it.


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