I will show you how to love

Kindle your natural light
Light your innate fire
Fire your soul
I flew too close to it
Your soul
And now I am here
To make love to your light
Once more
And I am here
Open and foolish,
Crazy, or…
Fantastic ?
Wondrous, otherworldly, outlandish,
Exotic, insane, unreal,
Fantastic, because I will
Be Here
Until my soul draws you so close
You’ll be caught in my event horizon
Like a black hole
I will be
Arresting you in the most beautiful way
You will learn the word ‘surrender’
I will show you how to love.

If you lie down
With me
At the end of your tiring day
I will not say a word
I will leave you be
But you will feel my love
Like a pulsar in the cosmos
Radiating towards you.
In the darkness
I will compel moonbeams to fall
On your body
And I will have the silence
Fill your being.
And when you open your eyes
My softness, my riot
Pull you in
Deep inside,
Forget about your body and
See into the Universe,
Where love lights the fire
That excites your heart
And makes it beat.
And if you give me
One kiss,
Let it blow away our tarnished shells
Our exoskeletons,
Then we will only be
Resplendent souls

And love…
Love comes to you in sheer abandon
Wild and reckless
It burns down all your well-defined lines
You melt
Here, with me
Come on
If you give me one kiss,
I will show you how to love.


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