I will not live a life with a still atmosphere,
I will have my days shattered by fucking earthquakes.
I will have tsunamis and thunderstorms and days so sunny that they melt
away all the superficial feelings.
I refuse to swim in the depthless sea of
passing sensations and meaningless encounters and empty hearts.
I will have the core of my being – its shell pierced open
a million times
conversations that radiate love and understanding
discovering, uncovering, hurting, expressing.

I will grab whomever is brave enough by the hand
and bring them to where true life lives
where love lives.
I will wildly love bodies and I will make love to souls
I’ll be shallow and frivolous and senseless
but I’ll do everything so very completely
that my life will be a work of art by the time I’m done.

And I’ll also be deeper than the ocean,
I’ll only know of ecstasy, unstained divine consciousness
otherworldly ecstasy, moonbeams shining all around,
beautiful, intense, overwhelming, passionate, indescribable openness and communion.
My life has no purpose and my love is without object
I’m a vessel through which love acts and comes and goes
in waves as unforgiving as a hurricane and as tender as golden honey sunsets.

Howling at the moon and
dancing on burning embers and
breathing in the sun,
loving and lusting and desiring
ultimately breaking free from all desires
like a feather floating in the sunlight
like a river flowing
I will touch upon the deepest emotions and the highest states of awareness
until nothing remains of me,
but a mesmerising ocean of love