We are always utterly alone.
We connect with people and we disconnect, we disconnect from the world to reconnect with our selves.
We are alone, and sometimes we are lonely too.
We stare at the moon and hope she understands our sorrows. The days are drowned in too much sun when we are drowned in oceans of nostalgia.
We get drunk on past memories and then wake up to an empty present.
Sun rays are too bright.
So we stay up late at night to give our hearts some time to rest.
Sometimes we’re just heavy floating points, not anchored in reality.
And the heart feels over and over, and all it wants is to be free.
But you can’t be free when you’re incomplete. No,
You’ve got to face your worst and sweetest memories,
You’ve got to face the day engulfed in feelings too deep to handle.
Salty days and stormy skies to match your weary soul.
The heart sinks like the heaviest sculpture of lead to the bottom of your ocean,
Howling salt waters overburdened with too many memories of a lost love.
Intense, overwhelming, bleeding, excruciating, tragically ecstatic love.
You will be complete again. You always were.
The moon is whole even when it’s not full.
But the scars will forever be more sensitive than any other part of your soul.
The deepest scars are always worth it.