A hundred and more sunsets gone by,

Days flowing into one another

And a million kisses melted into your lips.

I’ve used up all the beautiful words,

And you should know by now

Everything all the words in the world

Would never be enough to show.

We’ve bathed in the same light.

We met like two glowing embers,

Waiting to be lighted up to a fiery fire.

Like a forest fire, beautiful and wild

And dangerous, thick, rebellious,

Burning the darkest parts of us to ashes.

Into clean diamonds.

We have yet to burn some more,

And I lost my sanity,

But I gained the wildest love I could have.

If I go crazy, I know you’ll still love me.

I’ve had the deepest lows and transcendent highs.

I’ve looked deep into your eyes

I’ve looked into the ocean of love.

And I’d still dance with you into eternity.