Beautiful Strange

You are beautiful, strange. Life is beautiful strange. The night sky is beautiful and its moon is strange, a woman is beautiful strange, the divine feminine is beautiful strange, a wild rose is beautiful strange… Love is beautiful strange, beautiful because how else could it be, and strange because everything that is perfect must be so. ”Strange” is an amazing quality, it’s like the spice that seasons divine harmony. Without it, divinity wouldn’t be worthy of its name anymore, just like a rose isn’t a rose without its thorns. Every human’s voice has its curious inflexions, every summer night has its crisp breeze. And every exquisite ocean wave has its breaking point… The tear on a beautiful girl’s cheek, the crooked emotion in a lover’s smile, those are the details that create life. The paradox of beauty can be found everywhere, in every element, being and moment, if one looks close enough, with the eyes of a lover. Lover of life and of beauty, of the soul – an adorer, a wondrous child, whose arms and heart are so wide open that he can’t help but embrace everything that is. Everything beautiful strange.


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