Longings of the soul

My desires are simple and pure,
All I want is to
Watch the storm unleashing the beauty of nature and with the sun in the sky, see the raindrops sparkling line a million diamonds.
I want to feel the sun on my skin like I feel the love in my heart
And I wish to never forget that the love is always there, that beauty is everywhere.
As much as I can, I want to honour the divine within me and every other person with every action I make, let its flame guide me on my path.
I want to make a million mistakes, but I never want to make the same mistake twice.
I want to kiss and feel my soul blossom,
I want to lose my ego in the love and surrender.


I want to kiss and let my love flow through my lover, every touch of lips like a fresh, beautiful flower, something new every single time.
I want to remember to count my blessings and be grateful for everything I am, have, learn and see.
I want to listen to music and feel my soul dance, because souls are meant to dance to the beauty of everything.
I want my presence to be light and loving and I want to make people smile as much as it is in my power.
I want to live in the grace of love and forget every uncertainty or insecurity, because I know that deep within, I am whole.
I want to never stop evolving and changing.
To want something so natural and pure…

When I suffer, I want every single tear to teach me, I want my suffering to be beautiful and let the light shine through.
When I feel tense, I want to relax and let go, loosen up, because no moment deserves to be thrown away by boredom.
When I feel insecure, I want to remember that I am always whole and that the love within me is everything, that I am everything.
When I feel insulted, I want to think before I react because the other person might be right, and every opportunity to learn and change is essential.
When I feel disappointed in someone, I need to remember that no person is perfect, that I have my own flaws and that I have no right to judge. I need to let my love and consciousness overcome, always – someone once said that being happy is more important than being right.
When I feel anger rising through, I want to contemplate it until it disappears, and not act on it. When I can’t, I want to remember to leave the situation and not hurt somebody out of anger.


With every breath I take, I want to be loving.
If I am loving, then everything falls into place and all the unessential things are forgotten.
I want, as much as I can, to live life beautifully, singing and in harmony with everyone and everything around me, everything.
My heart and my soul should always dance, because everything is perfect as it is, once you let go, surrender.
Such a beautiful word – surrender.


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