You & Me

You & Me
I’ll be waiting till the sky falls down

My heart, my love…

You and me are nothing but two souls, two beautiful, beautiful souls, and I want to find myself in your grace for all the days to come.
I long to feel your sweet embrace, to melt at your loving touch, to lose myself and find myself in your eyes.
I could write endless lines about you, novels, poems, essays, paint you in a million pictures, dedicate the night sky and all its shining stars to you, even though it’s not mine to dedicate.
Everything I’ve ever dreamed, it’s you.

With you it’s beautiful, there is no mask, no disguise, no delusion… no mind, and no ego. I melt into you and you melt into me. Then there is nothing but pure love, divine. And in that grace everything disappears, and we know just how lucky we are to have finally found each other. We come together.

And now…
There is a deep longing in me, my heart is longing for you. To feel you, caress you, reach you, comfort you, cuddle you, fuck you, kiss you, show you everything, every single beautiful thing that I know of. I wanna share it all with you, not leave anything out. And my love for you isn’t in my words, or my thoughts… my love for you is in the way I look at you, the way I gently touch your sweet, sweet face, the way my lips softly caress yours. My love for you simply is… everywhere. Look deep into your heart… it’s the same love, it’s right there within you. And don’t you ever forget that this love is the way back home.

Together, we are everything. Everything.


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