I am so blessed to live on this heavenly earth,

To breathe underneath the deep blue sky,

To marvel at the beauty of the playful, ever changing clouds,

bathed in the sun’s golden light,

To walk beneath the moon, shining softly in the early morning…

To feel the fresh wind on my face and breathe in the flavour of autumn

and winter, and spring, and summer,

To witness the deep, crisp green trees dance in the celebration that is life.


To feel the coldness of the moist earth with the soles of my bare feet, as well as its vibration and stillness,

The earth that is so loving to sustain our lives, our moments of joy and our moments of suffering,

Our love and our divine consciousness.

To see the colours of life turn golden as autumn comes, so that the miracle of spring can bring nature back to life, unfolding its splendour and singing again.

To wonder at nature’s shades of green, and the salty seas’ countless nuances of

                                  blue, turquoise and emerald,

  painting the most amazing natural canvas.

20140805_132530 copy To see the sun spill its loving light upon the luxurious trees and vivid flowers, caressing every form of life –

the mountains,  the rivers, the beautiful people, the animals, the chirping birds,

the gracious marine beings.

The unconditional love we are graced with every day, and the same light that makes the moon shine and fill our souls with passion, and peace.


To bathe in the eternal seas and dance together with the unforgiving waves,

To feel the ocean’s salt on my skin and the fine grains of sand between by fingers.

To watch the sun set in pure bliss and the most sublime colours,

and to see it rise while the birds sing.



I am so blessed to soak in the sun rays and let their warmth caress my body, my face and my soul,

To be a part of this divine celebration, and

Dance and love in its grace.

I am blessed when in my peace, I can recognise the silent, sacred space within me,

And from that place of awareness I let my

love flow

and honour this existence.

I am so blessed to love on this heavenly earth,

In this Heaven that is right here.



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