The Rebel


You will be called immature, selfish and all other names, because the others can’t understand you. They can’t grasp your logic – that’s because you have no logic. And that means that you’re beyond that trouble, beyond having to worry about what everyone else tells you. You now act on intuition, on feeling, your actions come from your pure heart, and not from your mind. The whispers of your heart weigh more than what a world of people have to say. So let them say what they will because their rational, ‘reasonable’ mind can’t predict your irrational actions. You’ve broken through that wall that was holding you back, you’ve exceeded those limits, of the human mind.

You are blessed, because now you can live an authentic life, free. A spontaneous life, and that’s the only life there is, now you’re alive. Sometimes it might feel like it’s you against the whole world, but that’s okay –

it’s bound to be that way.

You are no longer asleep, you are awake. This is where the blissful and joyful and divine life is, you’ve found the divine song that is life. Now you’re dancing together with the entire existence.

And look how amazing this existence is.

Need any other reasons to let go and join the dance ?


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