The beauty of God

They say God is nowhere. I know that it’s not true. And I’m not talking about the old, almighty Father with a long beard and golden aura around his head, the one they paint in icons, the one they idolize and they built huge, golden, luxuriant churches for. I’m talking about something else.


God was the unmanifested, formless energy before the Universe ever came to Life and God is now everything we see around us, all this beauty. We live and breathe God everywhere on this perfect Earth, in Egypt, India, Italy, Greece,  Jerusalem.

God is in the dance of a butterfly’s wings, in a wave crashing on the shore, in a lightning striking upon the sky. God is the trees dancing, the sun shining, the fire celebrating, the water standing still. It is the reason behind the laughter of a child, the smile on every human face. God is within us. Nothing is as sacred as the divine within us, and yet everything is, because everything else is as godly. God is in our tears and in the seas, in our pain, in our joy, in our dance.


God is the consciousness, the energy, the flow that makes the world go ’round. And we are that consciousness, having a human experience, we are spiritual beings embodied as humans, and that is the greatest privilege and joy, the reason Life is a celebration. Trusting Life, or God, you name it, brings nothing but peace. pure bliss. The kind of bliss that lasts forever deep within our souls, even when we seem to forget it’s there. So let go, surrender, and begin to dance.

                               So, they say God is nowhere

                                          I say God is now | here.

So don’t wait. Dance. Celebrate now.


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