Electronic cosmic music

It doesn’t have lyrics, it doesn’t send a message, it doesn’t tell you the words you need to hear, and it doesn’t comfort you… unless you know how to listen to it. With an open heart and consciousness, I realised there was no other type of music I would listen to, if I ever had to choose just one for the rest of my life.

It doesn’t send a message in words; it is way more than that, and if you listen to it, really listen to it, you feel how deep and true it is. it expresses everything that words alone cannot… it’s like the music of the spheres, except it really is music audible to the human ears.

Once it has gotten to you, it does way more than just make your body dance; it makes your soul dance, with happiness and joy and love. and there are no words, because words are useless in the essence of existence. we use them to understand each other, to communicate, they are essential within the human society, however when it comes to the most beautiful feelings, they mean nothing. the most intense emotions can’t be expressed with words. just like simply sitting in silence with the people you love is perfect, a complete action in itself, listening to amazing sounds without words is kind of a silence for the ears. you only hear what you need to hear, everything else is superfluous. you hear the vibrations and variations and the sophisticated layers of sound and it sounds like a universe in itself, simply unfolding itself, and it lets you just be and feel the emotions flow. it gets you high on love and joy.

it doesn’t need to be defended; it is already complete, deep, beautiful and it vibrates on the same frequencies as yours and the universe’s soul.


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