Take a leap for love, before it’s too late

What is happening to us?
where did we leave our purity,
our sheer joy for being alive,
our presence?

In the gutter
we are forgetting our humanity, our reverence for the simplest things
to be grateful for a cup of steaming coffee served with a smile,
for eyes gleaming with kindness for no reason at all,
for the sheer luck of being here to experience all this Continue reading “Take a leap for love, before it’s too late”


My life

I don’t want them to say
that I was pretty or funny
smart and well spoken
even beautiful
I want them to say
“Hell, that girl lived
well, almost on the verge of madness
she was a fool, to be fair
but damn, she did taste life
and she knew how
to make love to the world
and she’s got a thing or two to teach us”